We are really on an exciting mission together. This ensemble of highly connected design brands is meant to grace and enrich people’s homes, making the world more Scandinavian and beautiful.

Therese Hillman, CEO of NOD

Watch the film to hear some of the NOD companies describe the perks of being a network

People in every corner of the world should be entitled to enjoy unique Scandinavian Design. That is the very purpose of Network of Design – a group set on a mission to bring carefully selected design brands to a much greater audience.

NOD was established in 2020 with the acquisitions of Photowall and String Furniture, and then Cooee Design, Kids Concept and Wall of Art during 2021. During 2022, Norling Studio joined the Group together with two pieces of Swedish design history, Byarums Bruk and Grythyttan Stålmöbler. In 2023, Kasthall, a true design icon became part of NOD and in 2024, the Finnish disruptor Vaarnii joined forces with the Group. The combined NOD network of brands has a strong position in our home market of Sweden, but the growth is significant in countries such as Germany and France.

The Group will continue to gather design companies with strong brands and help them to deliver on their respective growth plans. The more companies that join the Group, the more the network and company-to-company learnings will help these brands take the next step on their international growth journey.

The goal for NOD is to establish a leading network for design brands and increase their global footprint.

NOD in numbers

Number of NOD brands

10 brands

Nearshore production

95 percent

Number of markets

35 markets

Revenue share from the Nordics

38 percent


NOD has a dedicated management team and a seasoned board of directors, who are experienced in everything from design to ecommerce, to help the Group companies deliver on their strategies and support the Group on its growth journey. 

Altor is the ultimate owner of NOD. Altor supports the team with capital, expertise, and experience both in value creation and acquisitions. The philosophy is to always find the right recipe for each company, with its unique needs, which is the case for NOD as a group, too.

The ownership is not a top-down relationship, but much more a partnership working shoulder to shoulder. During recent years, Altor has earned a track-record of partnering on the exceptional growth journeys of D2C and consumer brands, from RevolutionRace and CTEK to Ideal of Sweden, but also on more design-intense brands such as Rossignol and Toteme.

NOD believes in our growth and can help us make it real. In NOD we also found a community of amazing brands with just as bold ambitions.

Catrine Åberg, co-founder of Cooee Design

We are a group of companies that are at different stages of our growth journeys. There are many synergies and exciting opportunities for collaborations.

Jonas Wetterlöf, CEO of String Furniture

GROUP Management

Therese Hillman


Former CEO of NetEnt and Gymgrossisten.com.



Jonas Bertilsson

COO and Head of M&A

Board member and owner of Photowall, one of the first brands to join NOD.



Nicolas Adlercreutz


Former CFO of several companies, such as BlueStep Bank and Qliro Group.


Board of directors

Susanna Campbell

Chairman of the Board

Holds multiple board positions, at larger growth companies such as Northvolt and H2GS as well as smaller digitally-born companies such as Estrid and Lace Laboratory.


Magnus Dimert

Board Member

Ecommerce advisor with positions on boards such as RugVista and Sofa Company.


Peter Erlandsson

Board Member

Broad experience within interior design. Re-founded String Furniture in 2004, and revived the String brand mainly through an international expansion.


Paul Fischbein

Board Member

Experienced entrepreneur, board member and senior executive with a history of building and growing companies within e-commerce. Chairman of Pricerunner Group, RevolutionRace and and Chairman of the Advisory Committee at EQT Ventures.


Mirkku Kullberg

Board Member

CEO of Glasshouse Helsinki, but also representing various design organizations, including being the Chair of the Alvar Alto Foundation.

Andreas Källström-Säfweräng, Altor

Andreas Källström-Säfweräng

Board Member

Partner at Altor, focusing on consumer brands such as O’Learys, Meltwater and Aarke.


Clara Zverina

Board Member

Director at Altor, focusing on brands such as Nordic Leisure Travel Group.