Legacy brands create trust and respect

People in every corner of the world should be entitled to enjoy unique Scandinavian Design. That is the very purpose of Network of Design (NOD) – a group set on a mission to bring carefully selected design brands to a much greater audience.   NOD’s mission statement is a very natural pa...

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Forming a group with design icons and born-digital brands

Network of Design (NOD) was formed three years ago and, the CEO Therese Hillman is reflecting on the journey so far and says that the main reasons why she chose to join the group were the opportunity to build something from scratch and the backers’ very high ambition with the group. “The fact th...

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The next generation of leaders

An important part of NOD’s strategy work is succession planning since partnering up with founders that sometimes start wondering whether he or she is the most suitable CEO. This usually means that the company has reached a respectable level of success and that the founders feel that a different sk...

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Design icon Kasthall is the perfect fit

Kasthall has produced original woven and hand-tufted rugs since 1889. Their strong international brand is recognized for its quality craftmanship and premium products. At the heart of the operation, you find the factory in Kinna, providing clients all over the world with a piece of luxury to enrich ...

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Timeless and relevant brand building

Some things become so strongly associated with a specific time, they actually end up timeless. This is part of the DNA of the brand String®, and its contribution to Scandinavian design history for more than 70 years.   Bo Hellberg, joined String Furniture as CMO in 2020 and is today looking a...

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The digital approach and the importance of its integration

At Network of Design, we think that digitalization and knowledge sharing is critical to international success and our ambition is to accelerate and facilitate the digitalization journey together with all our companies through pooled investments, expertise- and experience sharing.    Malin Cla...

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A family of entrepreneurs since 1895

Grythyttan Stålmöbler was founded in 1895 in the deep forests of Bergslagen, Sweden. Today, more than a hundred years later, one could argue this to be the perfect place to build and nurture a very successful and sustainable design brand. Back then the key to survival and success was the closenes...

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Walk the talk on gender equality

Almost three years ago, as the company NOD was founded, Therese Hillman took on the role as CEO. With the support of the private equity firm Altor, Therese wanted to establish a network of ambitious entrepreneurs and Scandinavian design brands. The network would benefit the brands by connecting them...

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