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Design icon Kasthall is the perfect fit

Kasthall has produced original woven and hand-tufted rugs since 1889. Their strong international brand is recognized for its quality craftmanship and premium products. At the heart of the operation, you find the factory in Kinna, providing clients all over the world with a piece of luxury to enrich their lives.


Kasthall isn’t just any rugmaker, each piece is carefully produced upon order to ensure the perfect fit for you and make sure that no materials are wasted. For the same reasons they only work with natural materials, linen and wool. The clients who come to Kasthall are looking for a piece to invest in that will help bring beauty into their lives. Some of the clients on that list today are The Swedish Royal Court, exclusive hotels, fashion houses and numerous private homes.


“When I joined the team at Kasthall, I quickly fell in love with the craftmanship. There is an immense amount of competence among our colleagues whose families have been here for generations. We have an incredible design archive since we have saved all the sketches and designs for more than 70 years – this allows for exciting collaborations, and collections to come. We look forward to utilizing this hidden treasure in the company of NOD”, says Johan Bergh, CEO at Kasthall.


“Now we can move faster,” he continues. “Together with the other design brands in NOD we can collaborate, gain digital expertise, and grow into new markets. The luxury and beauty that our rugs bring to a room is longed for in many markets, now we have the support to fulfill that need – and in the company of perfect partners, like the icon String Furniture and digital leader Photowall.”


“Something all the brands in NOD share is the business’ respect and care for craftmanship. A shelf by String will be passed on in the family and hold value as a secondhand piece, the same goes for the products of Kasthall. Their experience and different growth journeys complement each other and helps each other grow in new digital and geographical markets”, says Therese Hillman, CEO at NOD.


“Sustainability is at the core of the business, simply because we have always cared for each detail of the process. When you respect each thread in detail from the moment the spun yarn arrives at the factory all the way to the finished unique rug is delivered to the client. Well, then you have created a piece of beauty worth investing in that will last for countless years to come” says Johan Bergh, CEO at Kasthall.

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