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Kid’s Concept makes big textile sustainability leap

Ever since the start in 2007 Kid’s Concept has created beautifully crafted toys and furnishings designed to last a lifetime, using FSC-labelled wood instead of plastics. In 2022 the company embarked on a new journey to increase the use of certified sustainable materials by becoming GOTS certified. The goal is to only buy certified more sustainable textiles by 2026.


 “We want to play an important role in our industry. This milestone is yet another confirmation that there is room for a conscious and sustainable brand to challenge the market. We always start from the child’s perspective and will continue to curiously question every aspect of our design process and look for solutions that benefit our customers, as well as our employees and the planet.” says Anna Enander, CEO, Kid’s Concept.


The textile industry is an industry that still lacks a lot of transparency and accountability, and Kid’s Concept are determined to lead the way as a force for good conditions and products. Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS – certifies that textiles are made from organic materials with strong chemical management practices and documented social standards. For a product to be GOTS certified all suppliers involved in the production must be certified. To be GOTS certified themselves and have three of their suppliers certified in 2022 is a milestone. As the main material of their products is wood, a previous milestone on this path was to use FSC-labelled wood.


Step by step Kid’s Concept is leading the way. To be part of shaping the industry of children’s toys and furnishing to become conscious and sustainable requires time and patience. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but Kid’s Concept won’t rest until all products are certified.


The GOTS standard is not applicable for all Kid’s Concept textiles. The brand is also using Oeko-Tex certified products. The Oeko-Tex ® 100 standard documents that the product does not contain any harmful chemicals as for example defined by the strict EU chemical legislation.


“We are always eager to learn and do better – with our team and suppliers. Together, I hope we’ll inspire fellow companies to embark on this journey”, says Amelie Råberg, CMO, Kid’s Concept.


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