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One size plate does not fit all

Restaurants today make serious investments in interior design in order to convey a curated concept. But tableware decisions easily get lost in the shuffle, and the result is often a compromise at best or a mismatch at worst. Having seen this happen firsthand too many times, the three partners behind Norling Studio decided to help restaurants and hotels create tableware that stands up to the rest of their ambitions.


“While tableware is at the heart of serving, it is typically difficult, time-consuming and expensive for restaurants to find tableware that goes with their interior and adds to the experience,” says Norling Studio partner Camilla Norén. “And as it turned out, many restaurant owners were looking for a partner to help them. You could say there was hunger for it in the market.”


Whether their clients are looking for a single bowl, a signature dish or a complete set, Norling Studio gives these establishments an opportunity to create custom pieces and involves them in the creative process, from start to finish. At the newly opened Italian restaurant, La Gondola in Åre, for example, you’ll find a unique tableware concept with a custom print created to fit the overall aesthetic and interior of the restaurant.


“The team behind La Gondola knew exactly the vibe they were going for and needed a partner to turn it into reality. The floral print that decorates the dinner set has come to play an important part in the restaurant’s branding,” Camilla explains. Some of Norling Studio’s other clients, like the much-loved Hantverket in Stockholm, have mixed custom-made bowls with pieces plucked from the showroom shelves to perfectly fit their aesthetic.


More than meets the plate

The female trio behind Norling Studio share a passion for design, interiors, and unique dining experiences that deliver that little something extra. The company was founded in 2019 by childhood friends, Camilla Norén and Therese Lingegård whose paths had crossed with Karin Cavallin some years earlier. Layered on top of their several years’ combined experience in the restaurant industry, they have a collective creative background in design, engineering and production, fashion and homeware.


Luckily, they also share the belief that anything is possible. “We had just finished visiting suppliers and factories all over Europe and we were about to open our doors when the pandemic started,” Therese recalls. Because the restaurant industry was hit so badly, the team decided to begin selling directly to consumers, which now plays a big role in their overall business.

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