Jonas Wetterlöf, CEO String Furniture
Stories 2023.01.19

String Furniture: Sweden’s most popular circular furniture brand

In October 2022 Sweden’s largest second-hand market, Tradera, published the report Tradera Circular Brands – Interior 2022, presenting the list of the most popular interior brands of the year on Tradera. The goal of the report is to increase the understanding of circularity in the furniture and home decoration industry. In 2022, String Furniture was awarded The most popular furniture brand of the year.


– We are incredibly happy and proud of this award. Circularity is an important part of the design process. To us, this is proof that String’s timeless and modern design lasts and can be loved for a long time by many people, in many homes, says Jonas Wetterlöf, CEO at String Furniture.


Tradera describes the report as an initiative to encourage people to be more sustainable and to buy more second-hand:

Furniture is one of the largest categories on Tradera. Every day, thousands of furniture and design products change homes via our site. At the same time, Swedes’ consumption is still dominated by newly produced furniture and household items, and that is where the majority of emissions occur. Between 2009 and 2019, the consumption of interior design in Sweden increased by as much as 47 percent according to Naturskyddsföreningen. To encourage more reuse in the furniture and interior design industry, Tradera Circular Brands – Interior 2022 is being presented now, for the first time.


String Furniture is also found on the 2022 list of Circular Interior Design Brands of the Year, ranked at number thirteen, just after successful interior design icons such as Svenskt Tenn and Orrefors. The data is based on the number of searches, sold products, average price and completion rate on Tradera.


– Circularity has always been a natural priority to us as it is key in creating the best furnishings possible. Taking circularity into account starts with the first sketch, in choices of materials, to information about care and repair. This is highly important to our customers, and it’s highly important to us says Jonas Wetterlöf, CEO at String Furniture.

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