Bo Hellberg, CMO String Furniture
Stories 2023.08.18

Timeless and relevant brand building

Some things become so strongly associated with a specific time, they actually end up timeless. This is part of the DNA of the brand String®, and its contribution to Scandinavian design history for more than 70 years.


Bo Hellberg, joined String Furniture as CMO in 2020 and is today looking after a timeless brand that also needs to stay relevant and modern at the same time.


What is your secret sauce behind successful branding?

“There is an incredible amount of confusion noise in the world of branding and it’s easy to lose track of what is important and what matters. Fortunately building brands is simple, although it’s not easy, it takes a lot of work and a long time. First of all, never confuse brand building with sales. Sure, you will generate sales as a consequence of brand building. But the main purpose is to build distinctiveness and differentiation. So that when a consumer is in the market, it’s our brand that is preferred or top of mind, based on our attributes. That’s kind of it!”

“Or maybe, there’s much more to it than that…” 


We believe that as well, tell us what your best advice would be?

“I’d give you my five pennies worth:


Do your research

We are all guilty of assumption, bias and educated guesses. And we all think our brand is the most fascinating thing ever. But the only person whose opinion matters is the customer or end user. And the only thing that matters is what matters to them.

Ask those who buy, ask those who don’t buy.


Distinct and Different

Before you start buying ads, sketch out your marketing mix modelling funnel or send DMs to influencers – make sure you have defined how your brand is distinct and different. 

Distinct and different are the two pillars on which all your brand work rests.


Consistency, again and again

Once you have identified and articulated how your brand is distinct and different, the hard work of not changing your mind begins. Communicating consistently over time builds a clear picture and a memory of your brand, how it is distinct and different.

Repetition is your brand’s best friend


Great creative wins

Empirical studies are very clear about what creates effectiveness in brand communication.

Your brand’s creative expression is the most effective way to achieve results.


Measure, measure, and then measure again

A brand tracker is non-negotiable. It’s the only instrument that shows how the value of your brand develops over time, on which attributes and compared to your competitors.

Define what you want to achieve. Set goals. Measure. 


The choices you make, make the brand

Brandbuilding is equal parts what you choose to do – and what you choose not to do.

Be choiceful, do less and do better.”









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