Customer safety

We never compromise on customer safety. As a consequence, furniture and designs must be strong and stable. They must not easily catch fire nor contain substances threatening health.

As a minimum we live up to all relevant EU and national legislation. To ensure compliance with our strict guidelines we test our products through recognized testing institutes.

As part of our continuous improvement, we seek to convert all paints, coatings and glues with solutions based on natural ingredients and no, or very low, levels of chemicals.

Examples of relevant safety regulation


EU product safety directive

National regulations and voluntary standards like EN, CE, GS, CFR


EU Toys safety directive

EN 71

Furniture, toys and design

EU Chemical regulation – REACH on chemical substances

100 Tested for safety by independent institute
100 Glue without formaldehyd
100 Waterbased paint/laguer

% indoor furniture and childrens’ products